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Dental Smile Desing (DSD)


Cosmetic dental treatments have evolved to use computer programs such as Digital Smile Design (DSD). The DSD is a program that allows to simulate in a virtual way the aesthetic improvements of the smile on the patient's face.

With the technology of digital smile design, the patient can see the final result that his smile will have even before starting the dental aesthetic treatment planned by the specialist. It is a computer system that allows the patient to establish realistic expectations of the cosmetic dental treatment to which they are going to undergo. This way you can participate in the process of designing your own smile by checking the results directly on the computer screen.


This technology makes it possible to improve the precision of the treatments and assess the final results that can be obtained. Much of the subjectivity that may exist is eliminated since all patient data is duly parameterized by computer software. A more effective diagnosis is obtained and a much more complete treatment plan can be generated. In addition, it allows to shorten the times necessary for the patient to obtain the result of a perfect smile and also reduces the discomfort and cost of the dental aesthetic treatment to follow.